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Changing The Face of Music Education


About Us

Virtuosos Music Academy is a professional collective of talented and personable music teachers working with knowledgeable and helpful staff to create a unique and fun environment in which to learn music!  We are redefining the traditional music lesson to help develop a life-long love of music in our students.

We believe that learning music should not be a solitary experience, but one full of interaction and plenty of opportunities for sharing music with others.  We also believe that music education needs to keep pace with the exciting new technology available today.  Our state-of-the-art music technology lab is full of useful tools to make learning more fun and interactive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students the tools they need to create the music they enjoy.

We take our Company Mission to heart!  To us, our mission means that we enable our students to:

  1. Play their chosen instrument (train in technical proficiency)

  2. Maintain their instrument (e.g. tune a guitar, care for the voice)

  3. Express their ideas (encourage musicality)

  4. Communicate in the language of music (understand music theory)

  5. Share their music with others (performance opportunities, recording proficiency, composition proficiency)

Not all of these will apply to all students all of the time.  Students may need these things in stages.

For example, when a student is a complete beginner, the emphasis is on Playing their Instrument and Communicating with basic music terms.  As they progress, students will need to know how to Maintain their Instrument and Express their Ideas through music.  Further still, students will want to start Sharing their talent with others as they start to make progress.

We walk with you every step of the way, and our program reflects our dedication to our students’ needs.

Our History

Virtuosos Music Academy was founded in 2005 by Angela Jaskowiak, a life-long musician passionate about educating students in musical arts. 

A flute and piano student and teacher herself, Jaskowiak had always valued the life skills music lessons had provided, but noticed a disconnect between traditional music education and active performing musicians of the 21st century.  Active performing musicians not only get together to play music on a regular basis, but also use music technology to create music, whether it is a microphone and amplifier on stage or sophisticated software to record an album.  It is this need for bridging the gap between traditional music lessons and current professional trends that prompted Jaskowiak to create Virtuosos Music Academy.

Today, Virtuosos offers a wide range of musical services, including private and group music lessons, workshops, seminars, ensembles, and performances.  Music technology instruction is integrated into every private lesson and many workshops and seminars.  It is this dedication to provide students the tools they need to create the music they enjoy that differentiates the company today.

Our Faculty

Some musicians may be technically savvy, gurus at music theory, or amazing performers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can teach their craft. That's what sets our faculty apart from the pack. Our professional faculty are chosen not only for their accomplishments in the field, but their ability to relate to students of all ages and impart their knowledge on students of all abilities.

Our rigorous hiring standards ensure that your teacher has all the makings of a musical role model – professionally qualified, experience in the music performing industry, impeccable references and sound teaching philosophies. Whether you’re looking for rock, classical, jazz, folk, or funk, we have a teacher who has studied extensively to help you become the musician you’ve always wanted to be!

Our Staff

At Virtuosos Music Academy, we strive to have staff members who are knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly, able to help you with your musical needs.  With their knowledge of music and the programs offered at the Academy, they bridge the gap between students and faculty, assisting you in your search for a high quality music education.

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