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Changing The Face of Music Education



YourBand: LIVE! gives students (ages 8 years and up) the opportunity to be grouped with like-minded musicians in a band that rehearses together for eight weeks, and then performs together LIVE on a real performance venue stage.

In YourBand: LIVE!, you can play any genre – pop, rock, country, jazz, funk, and more.  Skill levels range from beginner to advanced, for all ages.  We’ve had beginner adult bands, and we’ve had advanced pre-teen bands!  That’s one of the advantages of our innovative program – we take special steps to ensure you are placed with the right group of musicians.

Here’s how it works:

  1. To get started, we need to hear you play (15-minute appointments that help us understand what kind of music you like, your skill level, and experience). 

  2. Once we hear you play, we'll place you in a band with other students in your age group and skill level

  3. Rehearsals are once per week for eight weeks and we work around your schedule (really, we do!)

  4. Sessions are held 3-4 times per year.

Call us now to set up your initial placement appointment.  (763) 231-7901

EVERYONE WELCOME!  You do not need to be taking private lessons from VMA to participate in YourBand:LIVE!  Some experience with your instrument, and a minimum proficiency is required. 

Not sure if you're ready?  It could be easier than you think!  We have bands that start at the basics.  Give us a call if you're not sure.

Interested in hearing more about YourBand: LIVE!?  Call us at (763) 231-7901 with questions or email us at plymouth@visitvma.com for an info pack to see if YourBand: LIVE! is right for you.

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